Senior photo shoot with cousin Grace today. Of course our mothers had to step in and help.  (at Governor’s Mansion Trail)
10.19.14 /19:15
10.14.14 /20:09
Last night’s bday din din with @wayward_cloud. We were carnivores to the max and it was well worth it.  (at Justus Drugstore A Restaurant)
10.04.14 /20:06
Serious attitudes here. Great opening.  (at The Bauer)
10.03.14 /01:02
I’ve always loved that my birthday and my mother’s birthday are 5 days apart. We’ve always had a shared family celebration. Always shared a cake. Always blown out our candles together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

She’s the strongest person I know and I love her to pieces. 

Happy Birthday momma.
09.28.14 /20:48/ 1
I see you baby, shakin that ass. #bmw2002 (at World Market)
09.04.14 /21:22
at Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters
07.30.14 /20:40/ 2
🍒 Cherry time 🍒
06.13.14 /15:13
05.18.14 /21:19
Round 2 of this kinda stuff again tonight with @zachtnsmith
03.05.14 /12:45
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